If you expect me to graduate ready to succeed in life, ask my school about the new STAAR test NOW --xoxo

Learn more, ask questions, and expect the best education for your child.

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See ALL Latest News and Tips for Parents

FACT 1: Texas's new STAAR test can show as early as third grade whether your child is on track for success after high school.

ASK YOUR SCHOOL: Where is my child scoring NOW, and where SHOULD he/she be scoring to be on track for post-secondary success?

FACT 2: "Passing" STAAR is important, but "advanced" is the real goal for your child to thrive in high school and beyond.

ASK YOUR SCHOOL: What school and community resources are available to help get my child to the next level?

FACT 3: School alone will not get your child to college or a prosperous career -- family engagement is vital.

ASK YOUR SCHOOL: What should I be doing at home NOW to strengthen my child's chances for success?

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